Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal by Elena Oganina

Permanent makeup artist of international level and an author of numerous publications on aesthetic dermopigmentation and laser tattoo removal, Elena Oganina has background in arts and expertise in permanent cosmetics, permanent make up correction and laser tattoo and permanent make up removal gained during many years of professional practice in Nizhniy Novgorod and Moscow, as well as in a London salon.

Elena Oganina:

In cosmetic tattooing I adhere to the principle of natural beauty resorting to decorative permanent makeup only in case it doesn’t interfere with the harmony of the face and the integrity of the image. Every client has individual features and her own expectations from the permanent makeup artist, and it is the task of the latter to reach the compromise between the client’s self-perception and the look that suits her best. Drawing a sketch at this stage is an essential part of the procedure and helps me to create an image, which will make you happy for many years.

Long Timr Liner

Among most trendy cosmetic tattooing procedures nowadays, there are permanent makeup for lips, permanent eyebrows and permanent makeup for eyelids.

Not only state-of-the-art equipment and professional pigments, but also extensive knowledge of color theory and aesthetics, which Elena brings into her work, help her to achieve the harmony of facial features and the perfect color to compliment skin tone.

Elena Oganina:

Assessing the asymmetry of a client face and mixing pigments is crucial in permanent makeup. At least 30% of my clientele are those who come for correction of low-quality or disappointing work done elsewhere, and it is usually the color issue resulting in faded brows or lips of blue and pinkish-purple colors.

Long Time Liner machine

What is Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics or permanent makeup (generally known as cosmetic tattoo or micro) is in fact a modern direction in aesthetic cosmetics and a beauty treatment enhancing or refreshing colors and shape of eyebrows, eyelids or lips by infusing color pigments into the skin.

From the technical point of view, by means of an implantation device, particles of hypo-allergenic color pigment are introduced into the papillary layer of the dermis as deep as 0.3-1 mm to give a long lasting look imitating perfectly applied makeup.

From the client’s perspective, permanent cosmetics is an ideal way to improve the color and shape of eyebrows, eyelids and lips for a long time and hence, a wonderful opportunity to look perfect at all times.

  Long Time Liner pigments

Benefits of Permanent Cosmetics

✒ Permanent cosmetics is a unique chance to conquer appearance-related self-esteem problems caused by trichotillimania, alopecia, scars or even bald areas on the scalp and gain confidence in oneself!

✒ Permanent cosmetics makes a great solution when your natural features are indistinct or fade with age and need to be accentuated or enhanced. Professionally done micropigmentation takes years off your age and may even serve an inexpensive face lift!

✒ Permanent makeup doesn't run or wash off and gives a busy woman more time and freedom from daily make-up application. 

✒ Compared to lifelong daily make-up expenses, micropigmentation actually costs little

Consider a long-time investment in Yourself!