Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

Permanent Makeup Equipment

It is common knowledge that whichever equipment is used, only in the hands of a skillful master it will perform at its best. Nevertheless, let's bring some light on the modern equipment used for permanent makeup today. 

Not everybody knows that a tattoo machine and equipment for cosmetic tattooing is not one and the same thing. At the very beginning, tattoo machines were used for applying permanent makeup, but then, in the 80-ies, the so-called "pens" came in the market. Those were compact low-noise devices from South-Eastern countries, a few years later, in the 90-ies,  there appeared the first German counterparts. Today, one can distinguish between the following main types of permanent makeup equipment:

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Are there temporary tattoos and everlasting permanent makeup?

Many tattoo masters, as well as tattoo lovers, are eager to know whether it is possible to make a temporary tattoo using permanent makeup pigments, as it is well known that the ink used for permanent makeup is naturally removed from our body as time passes by. 

Similarly, there is question whether it is possible to perform permanent makeup with the help of tattoo ink to make it stay longer. Let's get it clear.  

It's important to keep in mind that tattoo ink differs a lot from pigments for permanent makeup. 

First of all, pigments for cosmetic tattooing are temporary and nonallergic, which means that they get gradually disposed with natural body processes, and do no harm to our body.

Secondly, the price of permanent makeup pigments is much higher that that of tattoo ink. A qualified professional will use only such special pigments for applying permanent makeup. It is worth mentioning, that these should be high-quality pigments of a European or American production, but not fake cheap pigments of Asian origin, which might well turn blue, green or purple after being applied on eyebrows, lips or eyelids. 

So, is it actually possible to get a temporary tattoo done using pigments for permanent makeup? Well, the answer will be "No" as even though pigments for permanent makeup do go away after some time, they still leave a trace on the skin in most cases. Just image this smudgy and pale spot on your body - it's certainly not a temporary tattoo, right?

The speed of permanent makeup pigment getting gradually removed from your body depends on the following factors:

1. The depth of pigment placement;

A tattoo machine inserts ink into deeper skin layers, which means that the permanent makeup ink is not likely to go away completely over time. Making a tattoo on the body with the help of a permanent makeup device might be really costly, and again you can't be sure that some part of the ink accidentally won't get into the deeper skin layers and leave a pale trace on the skin surface after the rest of the pigment is gone. 

2. Pigment color;

It is well known that pigments of bright colors used for permanent eyebrow or permanent lip makeup, take less time to get naturally removed from the body (from one to two years). Compared to them, black pigment used for eye liner for instance, keeps its intensity for years and can be removed with the help of neodymium:YAG laser or special chemical removers.

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Permanent Makeup for Dark Circles

4c9eeee254a74ace8bd5697feea6e76c.jpgIn today's world, permanent eyebrow makeup, permanent lip contour and eye liner are pretty common with women of all ages. However, there are such top-of-the-line specialists who are able to augment and improve not only eyebrows and lips, but also the lines of the chin, cheeks or cheekbones with the help of cosmetic tattooing, to say nothing about camouflaging scars and pigment stains or creating a delicate beauty spot on your face.

What to do if you can't help having dark circles under your eyes due to health problems or suffer from white pigmentation marks acquired in the result of a severe burn injury? Micropigmentation can solve these problems as well. A highly-qualified specialist in this area will be able to select and apply the pigment of the necessary colour. The colour matching client's skin tone is generally preferred to camouflage a scar caused by a burn, while individual approach is needed to hide dark circles as there might be variations in colours.

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Permanent lip makeup vs Surgery of the Lip

2eb7271eac0c4d524072598a219eecc7.jpgWhen it comes to lip treatment, contemporary cosmetology offers a wide range of ways to improve one's natural features or correct deformities, inborn or acquired. Among such there are сheiloplasty, lipofillingcollagen and hyaluronic acid for lip contouring, and of course, permanent lip makeup. Not everyone of us is ready to go in for plasty or try invasive rejuvenation methods. It's quite understandable as any surgical intrusion into the body through skin or mucous membranes leads to a lengthy period of tissue recovery, formation of scars and cicatricial tissues, rejection of foreign matter, to say nothing about the pain and inflammation.

Cheiloplasty or labioplasty refers to surgical methods of increasing or reducing lips with the help of injections or implants, and is most often resorted to get rid of serious facial defects, such as hare's lip (cheiloschisis), deformities caused by bad accidents, such as scars or lumps, or abnormal lip structure and severe lip asymmetry, as well as too thin or too thick lips. 

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​Fake it until You Make it: Bold Bushy Eyebrows vs "No Brow" Look

In this article we'll speak about two most trendy fashions in eyebrow grooming today. Bushy, untouched eyebrows create a natural, rough look, while erased, naked brow style makes you look androgynous and tough. But both fashions are rather extreme and bold. Is the radical change worth it or is better to stick to the classics?

Go "au-naturel"

Since the "au-naturel" brow trend, over-tweezed, over-plugged eyebrows became a thing of the past. Now that bushy is back, untouched and lush eyebrows have taken the fashion world by storm. How to achieve Cara Delevingne's perfectly bushy brows? Well, here are a few filling, growing and shaping tips. First, you can fake bold brow by using special brow shade instead of a regular eyebrow pencil. Speaking of supplementing growth, you can have a hair transplant or start taking a biotin supplement, which gives you the proteins for hair, skin, and nails. But if you are really "bold" about the thing, go for permanent eyebrow makeup, which will help you to bring eyebrow hair a little closer in the center and create this messy in the middle brow effect.

Though many girls are attracted by the low-maintenance aspect of the trend, large and bushy eyebrows do require a lot of time and effort to get. Unless you go for permanent makup, of course. But be careful, bushy large eyebrows won't look good on anyone.

Embrace the androgynous look

No brows has been a beauty option since the beginning of time. Mona Lisa most famously had no brows. Besides, the popularity of Botox might have obviously played into the trend. Since one can no longer move their eyebrows to make facial expressions, brows have become simply superrfluous, just one more form of excess body hair. Anyway, not to regret the fashion choice later in life, don't reach for the razor or tweezer, better bleach your eyebrows or apply a skin-coloured concealer over the hair.

However, it takes a certain type of face and style to pull no brow look off. If you've got a face with a strong bone structure and are tough enough, then go for it.

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​Unwanted Permanent Makeup and Ways to Remove it

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing has taken cosmetology world by storm over the last couple of decades. As a result, a lot of beauty salons started to offer permanent makeup services performed by cosmetologists, estheticians, hairdressers or tattoo artists. Even today, not everybody realizes that naturally beautiful, high-quality cosmetic tattooing can only be created by the hand of a professional artist who has had specialized training and has gone through some years of practice at least, to say nothing about professional equipment and pigments specially designed for permanent makeup.

But what to do if your eyelids, eyebrows or lips have been damaged by an amateur, a non-pro, who is there just to "make hay" while permanent makeup is still in high demand? Permanent makeup removal is one hell of a problem, but there are ways to deal with it.

1. Laser tattoo removal

It took nearly 50 years of continuous practice and research in the area of tattoo removal, to determine the most appropriate laser beam parameters. There is a number of laser types commonly used for the purpose, such as Erbium laser (Er:YAG laser), CO2 laser (carbon dioxide laser), Neodymium:YAG laser, Holmium and Diode lasers, which all differ in wavelength, gain medium and operation mode.

Among those listed above, Nd:YAG laser with Q-switched system is the most effective laser commonly used for removing unwanted permanent makeup, both professional and amateur. Thanks to Q-switching technique, the laser emits energy within the given absorption spectrum of the pigment, thus fragmenting pigment particles layer-by-layer. The laser energy emitted during the pulse is absorbed by the tattoo pigment during a very short period of time (just 3-6 nanoseconds), its heat being not dissipated to the surrounding skin. This means that this laser type allows to remove tattoos and permanent makeup with no risk of hypertrophic or keloidal scarring.

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Getting Permanent Makeup Done: is it Really Worth it?

60e73b62415bfd84df9762079a66ebe4.jpgThis is a question many women ask nowadays. If you are willing to enhance your natural features, make your eyebrows more well-defined and dense or even camouflage a face scar, then you might also be interested in the topic.

Permanent makeup is truly a salvation for business women, who are pressed for time in the hectic of the day, but are supposed to look at their best, wherever the place and whatever time of the day it is. Besides, cosmetic tattooing is a way to go for those who are allergic to decorative cosmetics or are not able to look after themselves due to age or health problems.

However, permanent makeup has limitations of use as well.


  • - under 18 years of age;
    - pregnancy;
    - lactation;
    - elevated blood pressure;
    - allergy to pigment;
    - epilepsy;
    - blood diseases;
    - oncological diseases;
    - cold-related diseasesж
    - cardiac diseases.

Eyebrow and Eyelid Permanent Makeup: Pros & Cons

Well-defined eyebrow line definitely makes one's eyes more expressive and attractive. Eyebrow permanent makeup can stay from 1 to 3 years depending on the pigment colour and individual characteristics of a person, such as age and skin tone, as well as external factors such as solar exposure.

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​Permanent Lip Makeup: Plump Sexy Lips in a Safe and Effective Way

231cee9edcb4bd1984a26f8d73ba2937.jpgWell-defined, well-attended lips have been considered the symbol of feminine beauty since old times. Women of Ancient Egypt and Antique Europe tried to increae their lips just like modern women do. They used dark red or brown pigment, which was indtroduced into the skin by means of a primitive method, which we know today as scarification. Cosmetic technologiy has grown considerably since then, however, the idea of permanent makeup today is still the same – it aims at making you more beautiful and attractive.

Permanent makeup for lips is one of the safest and most effective ways to enhance your natural lip line, increase them in size and make lip colour brighter for a long period of time. 

There are several techniques in cosmetic lip tattooing. Lip line can be contoured to most closely resembe the natural lip shape. By means of lip shading or full lip tint, lips can be visually increased in size to look more plump and sexy.

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What shape of eyebrows will suit you best?

No matter how thick your eyebrow hair is, their shape should go well with your eye shape and lip line, making a harmonious whole with the symmetry of natural face lines.

The effect created by neat, well-attended eyebrows is at times so decisive that to make the image complete, you might just need a touch of lipstick or lip gloss.

Each type of face calls for a certain eyebrow pattern.

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Eyebrows: characteristic of a person, characteristic of an epoque

e65e674e0babc3a285f216fb81922ead.jpgModern cosmetology offers a wide choice of innovative high-end solutions aimed at making woman's life easier and liberating her from the daily routine of taking care of herself. Be it gel polish manicure or permanent makeup, such procedures are supposed to have a solid long-lasting effect.

For instance, permanent eyebrow makeup gives you a chance to improve your natural eyebrow shape and color or to change them radically. However, don't underestimate the way eyebrow can change your appearance – they not only influence the look of your face and expressiveness of eyes, but also transfer emotional and energetic mind-set.

But how to define the eyebrow shape and colour, which will go well with your image and personality? The secret of eyebrow magic is all about the basic principles of physiognomy, but let's trace it back in time and see how the fashion for certain eyebrow shapes and colours changed through centuries.

Surprisingly enough, one can notice an interrelation between the eyebrow shape preferred by women at this or that time in history and aesthetic values and social mood of the epoque.

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​The Mystery and Glamour of “Smoky Eyes” Makeup

296df742b755d7508dbe46aa3d28ed6b.jpg“Smokey eyes” makeup appears to be ladies’ favourite as it keeps being trendy year in year out. “The smoky eyes” effect may be achieved by means of permanent eyeliner and light shadow added to the arrow or lower eyelid, but it might require an experienced artist to do it.

In this article we will look into the techniques and colours used to create the ‘smokey eyes’ effect. Conventional cosmetics offer several ways to do it, let’s take a look at the easiest one.

Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Preparatory Step

First of all, even out the skin tone of the upper and lower eyelids. This is an important thing to do, especially when you’ve got dark under-eye circles. Before applying eye-shadows, use a special base, which will prevent eye-shadows from piling in the eye folds. Now, you are ready for the drawing part.

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Why do I need a follow-up session?

3863cfce15edf79e79d1f12ae4759f11.jpgThe sense and meaning cosmetic tattooing is to liberate a woman from the routine of applying daily makeup. But to achieve this long-lasting effect, it is necessary not only to follow the aftercare instructions, but also come to your practitioner for a follow-up session in a month or two (your permanent makeup specialist will define whether the follow-up is actually needed after an examination).

I have already described the  basic aftercare instructions in one of my previous articles. Now, let’s have a deeper look into another aspect playing the major role in keeping your permanent makeup nice and neat for years.

Follow-up session is complementary, still obligatory procedure aiming to adjust the tinting strength and consistency of colour, which might have changed during the post-treatment period. Sometimes, the third visit is needed to achieve the perfect result. 

The procedure is conducted one or two months after the first treatment and makes an indispensable part of the whole process, which is why its price is usually included into the permanent makeup cost.

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Make it stay even longer with the colour-boost procedure!

Some people are under the delusion that a single procedure of permanent makeup will let them forget about the trouble taking care of their lips, eyebrows or eyeliner.

If you feel like wearing your permanent makeup longer, you might want to come to your practitioner once again, in a year or two, for a touch-up, which will save you money in the long run. Why? Because once the colour has completely faded out, doing permanent makeup from the start will cost you much more.

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​Mastering the Art of Permanent Makeup: Useful Advice for a Beginner

There are plenty of adverts on the web offering permanent makeup study programmes. It is important to make the right choice as the quality of education, the depth of theoretical training and the number of practical classes will directly affect the quality of your future work.

If you are interested in permanent makeup from the professional perspective and feel like learning how to perform cosmetic tattooing, this article will help you to distinguish a proper tutor or choose the right course to study.

Here is some practical advice for a beginner:

The basic course of studies should not be too short or very cheap. Otherwise, you will be instructed by a recent student trying to raise some money at your expense! A licence or a certificate is not enough to conduct training - personal working experience is what that counts. A permanent makeup artist needs at least 2 years of constant practice to work out his or her own education strategy.

This should be an extended course providing an insight into the fundamentals of medical training (hygiene, dermatology, anesthesia), colour theory and makeup, technological training (types of professional permanent makeup equipment, its disassembly and assembly procedures, working with needles, etc), as well as legal and marketing issues.

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Permanent Makeup Aftercare

Cosmetic tattooing allows to modify eyebrow and lip shape, change their colour or make it brighter. But permanent makeup is not only a popular beauty treatment, it is also a cosmetic procedure involving skin penetration.

Performed by an experienced artist, a procedure takes only 1 or 1.5 hour as per the area of operation, while the aftercare treatment may take from 1 to 2 weeks. The time of healing varies with every person and depends on individual metabolic rate and wound healing speed, as well as on how closely a client follows the aftercare instructions.

The below article tackles such issues as permanent makeup post-treatment effects and restrictions. It also provides the necessary aftercare instructions required to keep permanent cosmetics intact and impressive for many years.

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Can permanent makeup be removed?

Today, there are many unprofessional artists who are eager to earn on the ever growing popularity of cosmetic tattooing. If you are not satisfied with the permanent makeup on your face, be it a low quality piece of work or just a mood swing, there is no point in getting frustrated. 

Unsatisfactory permanent cosmetics can be removed or camouflaged. But take time and effort to find a really good specialist in permanent makeup removal, who will get rid of the ugly or annoying micropigmentation with the help of neodymium:YAG laser or inorganic chemical remover. Besides, you can colour correct or lighten your permanent makeup with the help of camouflaging, i.e. by creating new beautiful cosmetic tattooing in place of the one you don’t need anymore.

Important! Some tattoo artists inexperienced in cosmetic tattooing, add the permanent makeup removal procedure to their list of services, but save on buying expensive laser equipment. Instead, they cover the original work with a new pigment emulating the natural skin color. In a while, the cover up pigment will change its initial color and will look like dirt or fester on the skin. Later, such a cosmetic defect will get worse and almost impossible to correct.

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​The Pitfalls of Permanent Makeup

It is not by chance that in the wild rhythm of big city life permanent makeup has become one of the most wanted beauty care solutions. Why is cosmetic tattooing so popular nowadays? The answer lies in the quick and long-lasting effect, which allows not only to save on cosmetics, but also to free oneself from the daily routine of applying makeup.

On the one hand, permanent lip liner and full lip tint let you forget about using lipstick, while permanent eyebrow makeup improves your eyebrow shape and colour. However, if you look at the technical side, it is a complicated procedure requiring surgical accuracy and high proficiency from the artist.

Are there any safety issues? Does it hurt to do permanent makeup? Is permanent makeup really permanent? Let's look into these issues.

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Laser Tattoo and Permanent Make Up Removal

Published in #1 Permanent Make Up '2010

by Elena Oganina and Irina Maximova

The number of people having tattoos is growing day in day out. Statistics show that every sixth citizen of the Earth has a tattoo. However, the number of people willing to get rid of an unwanted ink or permanent makeup is increasing too.

One of the reasons why people started thinking about removing skin art from their body or face is poor quality of the performed work, which often mutilates body and, what is more unpleasant, face. Up to the present time, an ugly tattoo or permanent makeup was rather difficult to remove.

Before we review more or less well known ways of removing an unwanted artistic or cosmetic tattoo, it is necessary to understand what a tattoo actually is.

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