Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

Are there temporary tattoos and everlasting permanent makeup?

Many tattoo masters, as well as tattoo lovers, are eager to know whether it is possible to make a temporary tattoo using permanent makeup pigments, as it is well known that the ink used for permanent makeup is naturally removed from our body as time passes by. 

Similarly, there is question whether it is possible to perform permanent makeup with the help of tattoo ink to make it stay longer. Let's get it clear.  

It's important to keep in mind that tattoo ink differs a lot from pigments for permanent makeup. 

First of all, pigments for cosmetic tattooing are temporary and nonallergic, which means that they get gradually disposed with natural body processes, and do no harm to our body.

Secondly, the price of permanent makeup pigments is much higher that that of tattoo ink. A qualified professional will use only such special pigments for applying permanent makeup. It is worth mentioning, that these should be high-quality pigments of a European or American production, but not fake cheap pigments of Asian origin, which might well turn blue, green or purple after being applied on eyebrows, lips or eyelids. 

So, is it actually possible to get a temporary tattoo done using pigments for permanent makeup? Well, the answer will be "No" as even though pigments for permanent makeup do go away after some time, they still leave a trace on the skin in most cases. Just image this smudgy and pale spot on your body - it's certainly not a temporary tattoo, right?

The speed of permanent makeup pigment getting gradually removed from your body depends on the following factors:

1. The depth of pigment placement;

A tattoo machine inserts ink into deeper skin layers, which means that the permanent makeup ink is not likely to go away completely over time. Making a tattoo on the body with the help of a permanent makeup device might be really costly, and again you can't be sure that some part of the ink accidentally won't get into the deeper skin layers and leave a pale trace on the skin surface after the rest of the pigment is gone. 

2. Pigment color;

It is well known that pigments of bright colors used for permanent eyebrow or permanent lip makeup, take less time to get naturally removed from the body (from one to two years). Compared to them, black pigment used for eye liner for instance, keeps its intensity for years and can be removed with the help of neodymium:YAG laser or special chemical removers.

There are other external factors, which take part in the process of pigment removal from the body:

3. Skin color and type;

4. Individual metabolic rate;

5. Exposure to the sun. pilling, massage etc.

It is not worth it to make a tattoo with permanent makeup pigments and hope that it will disappear completely over time. Well, try it if you have money and time to throw away: first, on the procedure, then on the camouflage of what will remain after the color starts to fade out in a year or so, and in the end, on laser removal.  

Now, let's get down to the second question. Permanent eyeliner lasts longest as black ink is used to apply it. There are also notorious cases of blue eyebrows or lips, which one gets in the result of tattoo ink being used for permanent makeup by unprofessional artists.  Keep away from those practitioners who use tattoo ink to perform permanent makeup. It is utterly unacceptable! Tattoo ink differs from pigments designed for permanent makeup in the nature of its constituent parts and the speed of their disposal from the body. Morever, permanent makeup up applied with tattoo ink will look ugly over time and is almost impossible to remove!

So, as a matter of fact, temporary tattoos do not exist, neither does everlasting permanent makeup. Keep your eyes open and don't trust those tattoo or permanent makeup specialists who tell you the opposite.