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​Fake it until You Make it: Bold Bushy Eyebrows vs "No Brow" Look

In this article we'll speak about two most trendy fashions in eyebrow grooming today. Bushy, untouched eyebrows create a natural, rough look, while erased, naked brow style makes you look androgynous and tough. But both fashions are rather extreme and bold. Is the radical change worth it or is better to stick to the classics?

Go "au-naturel"

Since the "au-naturel" brow trend, over-tweezed, over-plugged eyebrows became a thing of the past. Now that bushy is back, untouched and lush eyebrows have taken the fashion world by storm. How to achieve Cara Delevingne's perfectly bushy brows? Well, here are a few filling, growing and shaping tips. First, you can fake bold brow by using special brow shade instead of a regular eyebrow pencil. Speaking of supplementing growth, you can have a hair transplant or start taking a biotin supplement, which gives you the proteins for hair, skin, and nails. But if you are really "bold" about the thing, go for permanent eyebrow makeup, which will help you to bring eyebrow hair a little closer in the center and create this messy in the middle brow effect.

Though many girls are attracted by the low-maintenance aspect of the trend, large and bushy eyebrows do require a lot of time and effort to get. Unless you go for permanent makup, of course. But be careful, bushy large eyebrows won't look good on anyone.

Embrace the androgynous look

No brows has been a beauty option since the beginning of time. Mona Lisa most famously had no brows. Besides, the popularity of Botox might have obviously played into the trend. Since one can no longer move their eyebrows to make facial expressions, brows have become simply superrfluous, just one more form of excess body hair. Anyway, not to regret the fashion choice later in life, don't reach for the razor or tweezer, better bleach your eyebrows or apply a skin-coloured concealer over the hair.

However, it takes a certain type of face and style to pull no brow look off. If you've got a face with a strong bone structure and are tough enough, then go for it.

Eyebrows should be classic!

Whaterver style you'd prefer - the power brow a la Cara Delevigne or the naked brow look of Tilda Swinton, remember that while makeup can be trendy, eyebrows should be classic.

Do you want to look at your picture in 20 years and be able to say "Wow, beautiful"? Or do you want to look at it and think "Well, that was the eyebrow trend at that time".. Fancy Audrey Hepburn from the 60ies or Sherilyn Fenn from the 90ies walking into the room today - they'd look great with their high arch and bold eyebrows even now.

And one last piece of advice: plucking eyebrows has the most precision. Honestly, waxing is for cars. With a tweezer you’re far less likely to make a mistake. Tweezers are the best!