Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

Eyebrows: characteristic of a person, characteristic of an epoque

e65e674e0babc3a285f216fb81922ead.jpgModern cosmetology offers a wide choice of innovative high-end solutions aimed at making woman's life easier and liberating her from the daily routine of taking care of herself. Be it gel polish manicure or permanent makeup, such procedures are supposed to have a solid long-lasting effect.

For instance, permanent eyebrow makeup gives you a chance to improve your natural eyebrow shape and color or to change them radically. However, don't underestimate the way eyebrow can change your appearance – they not only influence the look of your face and expressiveness of eyes, but also transfer emotional and energetic mind-set.

But how to define the eyebrow shape and colour, which will go well with your image and personality? The secret of eyebrow magic is all about the basic principles of physiognomy, but let's trace it back in time and see how the fashion for certain eyebrow shapes and colours changed through centuries.

Surprisingly enough, one can notice an interrelation between the eyebrow shape preferred by women at this or that time in history and aesthetic values and social mood of the epoque.

In ancient Egypt, curved elongated eyebrows were supposed not just to go well with a slim body and multiple dress folds - mild, well defined lines and colour depth conveyed conservative mood of the society.

Thin and colorless, eyebrows of women in the Middle Ages brought about their divine nature. Sometimes, hot wax was used to completely remove eyebrow hair and set back the hairline, thus, creating a delicate image of enigmatic spirituality.

During the Renaissance, when the interest for antiquity, science and engineering was great, regular shapes were in, which is why women preferred semicircle eyebrows standing for perfection.

Women of the age of Enlightenment either whitened eyebrows or, on the contrary, accentuated them with the help of antimony contrasting with white powdered wigs – to follow the coquettish “youthful old age” trend.

As the "Silent Movie" age set in, women realized that well accentuated eyebrows could enhance the magic power of a look. Trendy Hollywood look set by Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Vivien Leigh featured stilted eyebrows smoothly moving up to the temples. Such eyebrows created a hypnotic effect of an open, still cold and distant look.

The culture of today is nothing stable or strict: reviving old fashion trends goes hand in hand with body modification and creative eyebrow patterns. Some fashion shows feature really thick, “bushy”, though well-attended eyebrows coming from the 80-ies when Brook Shield image was admired by so many.

Today's fashion doesn't impose any specific shape or line, so choosing your eyebrow style depends on your outlook on life, personality type, as well as facial features and hair color.