Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

Can permanent makeup be removed?

Today, there are many unprofessional artists who are eager to earn on the ever growing popularity of cosmetic tattooing. If you are not satisfied with the permanent makeup on your face, be it a low quality piece of work or just a mood swing, there is no point in getting frustrated. 

Unsatisfactory permanent cosmetics can be removed or camouflaged. But take time and effort to find a really good specialist in permanent makeup removal, who will get rid of the ugly or annoying micropigmentation with the help of neodymium:YAG laser or inorganic chemical remover. Besides, you can colour correct or lighten your permanent makeup with the help of camouflaging, i.e. by creating new beautiful cosmetic tattooing in place of the one you don’t need anymore.

Important! Some tattoo artists inexperienced in cosmetic tattooing, add the permanent makeup removal procedure to their list of services, but save on buying expensive laser equipment. Instead, they cover the original work with a new pigment emulating the natural skin color. In a while, the cover up pigment will change its initial color and will look like dirt or fester on the skin. Later, such a cosmetic defect will get worse and almost impossible to correct.

Be careful when facing the problem of permanent makeup removal - only neodymium:YAG laser, inorganic chemical remover and proper camouflage performed by an experienced specialist in permanent cosmetics can guarantee no scarring and the maximum possible effect!