Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

Permanent lip makeup vs Surgery of the Lip

2eb7271eac0c4d524072598a219eecc7.jpgWhen it comes to lip treatment, contemporary cosmetology offers a wide range of ways to improve one's natural features or correct deformities, inborn or acquired. Among such there are —Āheiloplasty, lipofillingcollagen and hyaluronic acid for lip contouring, and of course, permanent lip makeup. Not everyone of us is ready to go in for plasty or try invasive rejuvenation methods. It's quite understandable as any surgical intrusion into the body through skin or mucous membranes leads to a lengthy period of tissue recovery, formation of scars and cicatricial tissues, rejection of foreign matter, to say nothing about the pain and inflammation.

Cheiloplasty or labioplasty refers to surgical methods of increasing or reducing lips with the help of injections or implants, and is most often resorted to get rid of serious facial defects, such as hare's lip (cheiloschisis), deformities caused by bad accidents, such as scars or lumps, or abnormal lip structure and severe lip asymmetry, as well as too thin or too thick lips. 

However, lip surgery is contraindicated for people with diseases of heart, blood and the endocrine system. Just like any other surgical intervention, surgery of the lip causes scars and cicatricial tissues on the skin.

Lipofilling, which actually is transplating your own fat into the lips, and lip contouring with the help of collagen and hyaluronic acid injections are more gentle methods of lip augmentation, which don't have such a drastic impact on your body. Non animal stabilized hyaluronic acid is in fact present in our body and hence, is naturally removed with metabolic processes. This is why to keep the effect of lip contouring, you will have to keep on making injections on a regular basis.

Permanent lip makeup, on the contrary, is a minimally invasive procedure, which does absolutely no harm to our body thanks to high-quality non-allergic pigments of mineral and organic nature. Unlike the methods described above, cosmetic lip tattooing can not only increase lips, correct or augment their shape, make them look juicy and sexy, but also buff your lips to perfection with the color you prefer most. Organic pigments offers a rich variety of colors. Rubbing, massaging or pilling your lips stimulate bloof flow, which causes such organic pigments to break into smaller particles and gradually go away with natural body processes, while mineral pigments (like the ones used for regular body tattoos) are more long-lasting, but still fade under the sun. Read more about factors, which influence the longevity of permanent cosmetics.

Even though permanent cosmetics is in fact semi-permanent and doesn't last for ever, from one to 2 years, after which the color starts gradually fading out, it is still the most economical, safe, quick and complex way to augment and treat your lips to perfection!