Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

Getting Permanent Makeup Done: is it Really Worth it?

60e73b62415bfd84df9762079a66ebe4.jpgThis is a question many women ask nowadays. If you are willing to enhance your natural features, make your eyebrows more well-defined and dense or even camouflage a face scar, then you might also be interested in the topic.

Permanent makeup is truly a salvation for business women, who are pressed for time in the hectic of the day, but are supposed to look at their best, wherever the place and whatever time of the day it is. Besides, cosmetic tattooing is a way to go for those who are allergic to decorative cosmetics or are not able to look after themselves due to age or health problems.

However, permanent makeup has limitations of use as well.


  • - under 18 years of age;
    - pregnancy;
    - lactation;
    - elevated blood pressure;
    - allergy to pigment;
    - epilepsy;
    - blood diseases;
    - oncological diseases;
    - cold-related diseases–∂
    - cardiac diseases.

Eyebrow and Eyelid Permanent Makeup: Pros & Cons

Well-defined eyebrow line definitely makes one's eyes more expressive and attractive. Eyebrow permanent makeup can stay from 1 to 3 years depending on the pigment colour and individual characteristics of a person, such as age and skin tone, as well as external factors such as solar exposure.

Permanent eyeliner will save you time and trouble applying makeup every morning, or taking care of your looks while on the beach or in a swimming pool.

However, done unprofessionally, the treatment may cause nerve terminal damage, which will affect your mimics and skin sensitivity. It may also be painful for those having low pain threshold and can damage eyelid skin or worsen your eyesight (though chances are really small).

Permanent Lip Makeup: Pros and Cons

Permanent makeup for lips is really helpful when one needs to increase lips and make them fuller without resorting to botox or collagen injections, or plastic surgery.

However, the post-treatment healing period is quite lengthy and there is always a risk of getting a herpes infection (this is why certain preventive measures are to be taken prior to the procedure).

So, is permanent makeup that dangerous after all? Well, the main danger lies in the hands of unprofessional, inexperienced practitioner. What can make unprofessional approach even worse, are low-quality pigments, unsterilized expendables and inappropriate equipment.