Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

Permanent Makeup Equipment

It is common knowledge that whichever equipment is used, only in the hands of a skillful master it will perform at its best. Nevertheless, let's bring some light on the modern equipment used for permanent makeup today. 

Not everybody knows that a tattoo machine and equipment for cosmetic tattooing is not one and the same thing. At the very beginning, tattoo machines were used for applying permanent makeup, but then, in the 80-ies, the so-called "pens" came in the market. Those were compact low-noise devices from South-Eastern countries, a few years later, in the 90-ies,  there appeared the first German counterparts. Today, one can distinguish between the following main types of permanent makeup equipment:

1. Professional devices for permanent makeup

- high quality;
- a case with an electronic operation panel or microprocessor and one or two pens with integrated driving motor;
- no vibration;- from 2 to 10 speed modes;
- regulation of the depth of pigment injection;
- choice of needle configuration (1, 3 or 5);
- compliance with hygienic requirements (disposable nozzles and needles).

Professional devices for permanent makeup, such as Long Time Liner produce the most high-quality results, but are rather expensive.

2. Rotary tattoo machines (for permanent makeup and tattoo contours)

- heavy and powerful; 
- motion speed control (from 50 to 3000 strikes per minute);
- regulation of the needle strike power (max penetration depth - 2 mm);
- even spread of pigment particles in the skin; 
- no vibration (thin and smooth contouring);
- low-noise;
- time-consuming;
- can cause a certain degree of pain.

Rotary machines are pretty wide spread and can indeed produce decent results in hands of a qualified practitioner.

3. ”Chinese pens”

- simple construction (a pen with an integrated motor and an external power supply unit);
- no speed regulation;
- a set of Chinese needles of different configuration (as a rule, these are not thoroughly polished and badly sharpened needles made from low-quality steel) 
- vibration bringing down the level of application precision;
- short life of plastic details;
- high risk of inflammation due to no ink drain protection.

Permanent makeup devices of Chinese origin are commonly outdated and rather cheap, and are hence not recommended for use as they are not safe and can lead to unsatisfactory results.

4. Induction tattoo machines (used for hatching and shading of bigger body parts in regular tattooing) 

not to be used for permanent makeup!
- a magnetic electric device;
- vibration;
- uneven ink injection;
- no regulation of needle motion speed;
- no control of needle strike power;
- quick work;
- noisy.

An induction tattoo machine is a highly traumatic device, which is by no means to be used for applying permanent makeup as skin face is much thinner than skin on other parts of our body. Cosmetic tattooing performed by an unqualified practitioner causes scars and cicatrices. 

It is also important to mention, that quality and precision of permanent makeup greatly depend not only on the equipment, but also on the quality and thickness of the needles used. A thicker needle can damage skin, while a well polished, specially sharpened needle can ensure precise and even ink injection. The quality of pigments used for permanent makeup is of no less importance. But at the end of the day, it is the qualification of the permanent makeup specialist that matters.