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​The Mystery and Glamour of “Smoky Eyes” Makeup

296df742b755d7508dbe46aa3d28ed6b.jpg“Smokey eyes” makeup appears to be ladies’ favourite as it keeps being trendy year in year out. “The smoky eyes” effect may be achieved by means of permanent eyeliner and light shadow added to the arrow or lower eyelid, but it might require an experienced artist to do it.

In this article we will look into the techniques and colours used to create the ‘smokey eyes’ effect. Conventional cosmetics offer several ways to do it, let’s take a look at the easiest one.

Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Preparatory Step

First of all, even out the skin tone of the upper and lower eyelids. This is an important thing to do, especially when you’ve got dark under-eye circles. Before applying eye-shadows, use a special base, which will prevent eye-shadows from piling in the eye folds. Now, you are ready for the drawing part.

Step 1: Eyeliner

What you’ll need is the softest pencil you have. As for the colours, for a romantic, delicate and fragile image, you might want the tint most closely matching the colour of your eyebrows. Greyish black or coal black eyeliner will suit a tough, aggressive type of person. Use an eye pencil to contour almond eyes and create a cat eye look. To do it, contour the upper eyelid with a broad line, gradually narrowing it towards the inner corner of the eye. Use a thinner and softer line for the lower eyelid. Shade the eyeliner with a cotton bud.

Step 2: Eye Shadows

Now, let’s get down to applying the eye shadows. Use a lighter tint for the browbone area, apply the darker and brighter shade to the upper eyelid below the eye fold.

Try out different shades. For instance, apply the darkest tint to the eye fold, the lighter one to the area below it and the lightest tint to the browbone. The main thing is to thoroughly blend the shades avoiding sharp edges in the makeup.

To make it look complete, apply a dark shade to the lower eyelid with a thin soft brush.

Step 3: Mascara and lipstick

Now, the finishing touch.

Apply mascara to add length and thickness to your lashes and bring depth to your eyes.

Bright or striking lipstick doesn’t go well with the smoky eyes makeup as it distracts attention from the eyes. So, it is better to use a lip glow or choose a shade to match your lip tone.

Smokey Eyes Makeup for Blue Eyes

Use creamy, champagne, pastel, white-bronze or white-purple colours for the base tone. To make a contrast, use brown, gold, peach, milk chocolate, moss green or lavender. The darkest colours may range frm dark chocolate, dark grey to dark green, purple or black.

Be aware that bright blue eyeshadows don’t adorn blue eyes and look rather tasteless. On the contrary, emerald or bottle green eyeshadows are admirable and will accentuate the colour of your eyes.

Smokey Eyes Makeup for Grey Eyes

To start with, use grey shadows - one or two tones darker than the colour of your eyes. Grey-blue and grey pastel tints will also do. In contrast, apply plum, brownish or rose shades, which will create a fascinating brighter look. Avoid using eyeshadows, which are lighter than the colour of your eyes, as well as those exactly matching it as they might turn your eyes into shapeless spots.

Smokey Eyes Makeup for Green Eyes

The base tones might be light pastel, apricot, white, creamy or champagne. They look good in contrast with black, brown, dark chocolate, gold, bronze and purple. Bright green eyeshadows should be avoided, while copper, reddish ones or dark violet, blue and terracotta shades will make green eyes stunning.

Smokey Eyes Makeup for Brown Eyes

For the base tone, use creamy, white, opal, willow-green, champagne, blue or white-purple colours. Purple, violet, sapphire, ultramarine, dark blue, moth green, apricot and peach shades will make a good contrast. Accentuate your dark eyes with olive, pastel or purple shades. Otherwise, make them shine with pink or dark blue eyeshadows.

The colour theory is all about practice - try out lots of options and create your immaculate, one of a kind style.