Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

​The Pitfalls of Permanent Makeup

It is not by chance that in the wild rhythm of big city life permanent makeup has become one of the most wanted beauty care solutions. Why is cosmetic tattooing so popular nowadays? The answer lies in the quick and long-lasting effect, which allows not only to save on cosmetics, but also to free oneself from the daily routine of applying makeup.

On the one hand, permanent lip liner and full lip tint let you forget about using lipstick, while permanent eyebrow makeup improves your eyebrow shape and colour. However, if you look at the technical side, it is a complicated procedure requiring surgical accuracy and high proficiency from the artist.

Are there any safety issues? Does it hurt to do permanent makeup? Is permanent makeup really permanent? Let's look into these issues.

Are there any safety issues?

As a matter of fact, permanent makeup or micropigmentation is a totally harmless procedure as hypoallergenic pigments are infused into the upper dermal layer of your skin with a highest quality sterile needle of a special machine. These pigments are more delicate than the ink used for conventional tattooing and will be naturally removed from your body with metabolic processes. Besides they are not implanted as deeply into the skin, so the face skin remains undamaged.

However, one should be aware of touts or fraudsters who, trying to save on expensive permanent makeup pigments and equipment, use tattoo ink and tattoo machines to perform permanent makeup. Such a “beauty treatment” results in blueish eyebrows and blackish lip contour, deforms the face leaving scars and cicatrices. 

Be careful when choosing a specialist in permanent makeup!

Is permanent makeup painful?

Modern state-of-the-art solutions and agents as well as skin preserving equipment bring discomfort to the minimum. Nevertheless, a professional permanent makeup artist commonly offers local anesthesia before the treatment commences, be it lip, eyebrow or eye enhancement. However, only the lip treatment necessarily requires anesthesia as lip skin is much thinner that skin on other parts of the face. As for eyebrow cosmetic tattooing, it feels almost like tweezing eyebrows.

How long does permanent makeup last?

Professionally applied permanent cosmetics lasts from 1 to 6 years depending on many variables like the area treated, colour and type of pigments used. Thickness of skin, client’s age, use of skin care products, injectables, laser treatments, medication, as well as sun exposure and scarring of skin are also important factors influencing the longevity of permanent cosmetics and pigment retention.

You might want a touch-up on a regular basis to refresh the colour of your permanent cosmetics: every 10-12 months for light colour shades and once in 1.5-2 years for dark browns and blacks.