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What shape of eyebrows will suit you best?

No matter how thick your eyebrow hair is, their shape should go well with your eye shape and lip line, making a harmonious whole with the symmetry of natural face lines.

The effect created by neat, well-attended eyebrows is at times so decisive that to make the image complete, you might just need a touch of lipstick or lip gloss.

Each type of face calls for a certain eyebrow pattern.

Ladies with an oval face will benefit from the eyebrows in the shape of a rounded arch, which can be low, average or high depending on the emotional message you'd like to convey.

Slightly angled eyebrows with a straight curve and a sharper tip will enhance a square face.

Round face calls for angular eyebrows or even hard angled ones.

Curved eyebrows will suit ladies with a triangular or diamond face.

With a heart face shape, you can go for any eyebrow shape, but curved one will be probably the best.

If you've got a long face, then opt for straighter, horizontal eyebrows. Raised to the top, such eyebrows create that very effect of a haughty and untouchable beauty, made so popular by Vivien Li in “Gone with the Wind”. But be careful, may be you are not that kind of person :)

To sum it up:

Oval face shape: rounded arch shaped eyebrows
Round face shape: angular eyebrows or even hard angled eyebrows
Long face shape: flat shaped, straighter, horizontal eyebrows
Square face shape: slightly angled eyebrows with a straight curve and a sharper tip
Heart face shape: any eyebrow shape, preferably curved eyebrows
Diamond face shape: curved eyebrows

So, you see that symmetry is of no small importance, but don't forget that eyebrow shape does convey your personal attitude and state of mind.