Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eye makeup, which is in fact accentuating lower or upper eyelids, as well as the ciliary border, has been known to people since long ago. With the rapid development of cosmetic technologies, permanent eyeliner and lash definer, just like permanent lips makeup and permanent eyebrows, have become one of the most favourite and effective beauty treatments nowadays.

Permanent eyeliner intensifies the eyes enhancing their natural shape and complimenting the color of your eyes. As a rule, be it a soft look or a more defined line, permanent eyeliner is applied either to the upper or the lower eyelid. Accentuating both eyelids is not advised as it may visually narrow the eye.

To create an expressive photogenic look, apply a bright line to the upper eyelid and add a subtle lash definer or a lighter shade to the lower eyelid.

An arrow added to the upper eyelid lifts the eye and takes years off your look. When going in for an arrow, it is necessary to accentuate the ciliary border, otherwise the area between the arrow and the eyelashes will remain blank.

Eye Lash Enhancer is basically defining the ciliary border of the upper eyelid. The treatment is critical for people with small eyes or light, sparse or no eyelashes as it adds volume and thickness to the eyelashes and even makes the pupil look brighter.

Light shading added to the arrow or to the lower eyelid creates an interesting decorative effect and compliments the color of your eyes. It is a complex procedure and requires an experienced artist to perform it.

Immediately after the procedure, the eyes swell, but the effect passes off in a day. During 10 days upon applying the permanent eyeliner, just as in case with permanent lips makeup, it is recommended to treat the area with an anti-inflammatory or wound healing ointment.

How much does permanent makeup cost?

The price of permanent makeup should correspond to the service being provided. In other words, it can't equal to the price of getting semi permanent eye lashes or acrylic nails. Unlike the above mentioned treatments, permanent makeup is supposed to stay a longer time, besides, a high-qualified experienced professional won't be doing the work for nothing. Read more