Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing

Reflecting our emotions, eyebrows play an outstanding role in our image. Permanent eyebrows not only accentuate eyes, a new eyebrow shape can change the expression of the face giving it a coquettish or a more serious look. Lift the brow line a little for a more open, cold and confident look, give it a curve - and the facial expression becomes more naive or make it more smooth and straight for a severe corporate type. 

Permanent makeup for eyebrows today is a popular beauty treatment among people of any age or social status as it is not painful, harmless, quick to perform and produces a striking, impressive effect. In today's world of mixed values and cultures, there is no standard and the eyebrow shape and color should be chosen as per individual features and temper.

Compared to daily makeup expenses, permanent cosmetics is not at all expensive in the long run. However, going for a steep discount offered by a poorly skilled beginner is tricky as the low price may be well reflected in the quality of work. Be careful when considering a permanent cosmetics technician and trust your face only to a professional as correction of unsatisfactory work will cost you more money, time and efforts!

There are two techniques generally used in cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. 

✒ The first one is a hair by hair simulation technique performed with ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly with your natural brow hair. The technique creates a natural image matching the colors of the hair, skin and iris and is especially vital for individuals with sparse, uneven, light or no brows.

✒ Applied separately or together with the first technique, eyebrow shading imitates decorative cosmetics (pencil or shadow) and creates a more attractive brow drawing attention to the eye and complimenting the face shape.

How long does permanent cosmetics last?

Permanent makeup performed by a professional artist will adorn your face for the period of 1.5 years or longer, getting lighter gradually over time.

The longevity of permanent cosmetics depends on many factors, such as the client's skin thickness, color selected, client's age, use of skin care products, injectables or medication, as well as individual metabolic rate and sun exposure. Read more

Will I need a touch up over time?

Yes, the implanted pigments will be fading over time, so color refreshing is an indispensable part of the procedure and a touch-up is recommended over some periods of time depending on the shade of the implanted pigment. Read more

Is permanent makeup painful?

Modern state-of-the-art solutions and agents as well as skin preserving equipment bring discomfort to the minimum. As a matter of fact, not all cosmetic tattooing presupposes anesthesia. Practically, only the lip treatment necessarily requires anesthesia as lip skin is much thinner that skin on other parts of the face. Read more