Permanent Makeup for Lips

In ancient African and Mediterranean countries women used dark red or brown pigments to  make their lips look fuller with the help of the primitive method commonly known today as scarification. Cosmetic technology has developed a lot since then, however, women’s aesthetic concerns haven’t changed and the idea of permanent cosmetics is still the same — to enhance people’s natural beauty.

There are several ways to enhance lips. Depending on the client’s needs, permanent makeup may be  natural or decorative. Permanent makeup for lips is commonly performed to reshape the lip line or give the lips better definition, as well as to restore or enhance their natural colour and create an illusion of fullness.

✒  Lip liner may replicate the individual lip relief and blend with the natural colours, or it may be more distinct and accentuate the lips.

✒  Full lip tint or shading enhances the lip natural color and can correct thin or unevenly shaped lips. 

3D volume technique creates an effect of seducing plump lips and makes them look fuller without injectables. The effect is achieved by mixing various pigment colours to lighten the light areas and darken the dark areas on the lips.

Please note: Immediately after the procedure, the lips swell, look reddish, and even asymmetry can be noticed in some cases. However, all of these are just temporary effects and disappear within a day. The colour will be changing as well. It is pretty bright straight after the procedure, but will gradually fade during the healing up process.

Aftercare treatment is very important. Soon after the procedure is performed, the treated area, like any wound, is covered by scab. It is critical to let the scab get off the lips without interference, as precise lip contour and color may be lost because of chaps. This is why, after the lip enhancement procedure, as well as after the permanent eye makeup, it is recommended to dub the treated area with a wound healing or anti-inflammatory ointments for the period of 10 days.

Please note: Even though permanent lips makeup is getting more and more popular, the procedure is rather stressful for our body and can trigger herpes outbreak. Even if a client is not sensitive to the virus, it is recommended to take in anti-herpes medication before the procedure and at least 5 days afterwards.

If performed properly and by a professional, permanent makeup for lips will adorn your face for 2 - 6 years taking years off your look and creating a long-lasting effect of beautifully shaped, sensual lips with your favourite lipstick applied.

What if the colour or shape of my "new lips" is not what I expected?

Sometimes, the resulting colour or shape of lips fell short of your expectations after the recovery process is over. This is how it goes, the colour and shape may be adjusted as per your needs during the touch up procedure, which is a complimentary follow up visit taking place in a month or two. Read more about permanent makeup follow-up treatment and learn why it is required. Read more

Permanent Lip Makeup: How long does the recovery process take?

The recovery process takes from 3 to 10 days, after which time the selected colour shade is finally revealed. The time of healing varies with every person and depends on individual metabolic rate and wound healing speed, as well as on how closely a client follows the aftercare instructions. Read more