Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

Are there any safety issues related to permanent makeup removal and cover-up?

1f8d8f7293f06928f96c1ffe6ec2b369.jpgYes, first of all, medical lasers should not be used to remove permanent makeup as they leave scars on the face.

Secondly, correction of unsatisfactory work should never be done by covering the original work with a new pigment emulating the natural skin colour. In a while, the body-coloured cover-up pigment will change its initial shade and will look like dirt or fester on the skin. Later, such a cosmetic defect will get worse and almost impossible to correct.

When going in for a  cover-up treatment, pay attention to every little detail and make sure that:

  • ✒ the pigments and equipment are of the highest quality and are specially designed for permanent makeup;
  • ✒ the studio is neat and clean, all equipment is sterile;
  • ✒ you have looked up as much information on the Internet about the specialist as you can;
  • ✒ you have looked through the specialist's portfolio and really liked his or her works.