Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

Is permanent makeup painful?

Modern state-of-the-art solutions and agents as well as skin preserving equipment bring discomfort to the minimum. As a matter of fact, not all cosmetic tattooing presupposes anesthesia. Practically, only the lip treatment necessarily requires anesthesia as lip skin is much thinner that skin on other parts of the face.

However, I've come across some girls who easily endured the procedure of permanent lip makeup without the anesthesia! These issues are by all means to be discussed with a client in private. As for  eyebrow cosmetic tattooing, it is the least painful of all and feels almost like tweezing eyebrows.

The degree of trust is of no small importance. Believe me, being relaxed and at ease really helps you to go through the procedure!

Nevertheless, a professional permanent makeup artist commonly offers local anesthesia before the treatment commences, be it lip, eyebrow or eye enhancement.