Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

How much does permanent makeup cost?

The price of permanent makeup is summed up from the practitioner's experience and qualification, equipment and pigment expenses.  

If a permanent makeup practitioner has offered you a fairly low price, think twice before getting the treatment, because he or she might well be saving on high-quality pigments or expensive equipment. Another option here is that the practitioner offering you the best deal ever, is actually a starter, who has just finished a course of study and is now gaining experience. In either case, you will be the one to regret you have ever had this treatment done.

Dear ladies! Please don't save on permanent makeup! You can easily do so when it comes to buying decorative cosmetics and having your hair cut, but decorative cosmetics can be washed, while your hair will grow again. Unsatisfactory permanent makeup is very hard to get rid of at times! After all, it is your face..

Think about it. You will have to walk in the streets with some ugly low quality permanent makeup on your face for a long period of time. Besides, multiple laser tattoo removal sessions will cost you much more money, are much more painful and do not guarantee that bad permanent makeup will disappear without trace...

Nevertheless, the cost of permanent makeup shouldn't be too expensive either. Pretty often expensive beauty salons offer permanent makeup treatments at a very high price, which can't be justified neither by the equipment they use, nor by the qualification of their practitioners, who are often not professionals at all. In such cases, the cost of the service is to cover the salon's advertisement or rental expenses. So, keep your eyes open, think twice and make the right choice!