Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

What to avoid in permanent makeup?

101577be1c4cd5c0f59897e28b881d9a.jpg1. It is important to avoid specialists "stamping" their clients with the same brow or lip shapes.

2. Avoid poorly trained inexperienced technicians luring new clients with steep discounts - your face is what they practice on to build their portfolio!

3. Avoid too bright and striking permanent makeup. After a while, extreme, dramatic shapes and solid lines will look messy and even burlesque.

4. Tattoo ink and tattoo machine should not be used for performing the procedure!

5. Correction of unsatisfactory permanent makeup should never be done by covering the original work with a new pigment emulating the natural skin color. In a while, the cover up pigment will change its initial color and will look like dirt or fester on the skin. Later, such a cosmetic defect will get worse and almost impossible to correct.