Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

What if the colour or shape of my "new lips" is not what I expected?

042642a0663870d7caffcada2b3cf012.jpgSometimes, the resulting colour or shape of lips fell short of your expectations after the recovery process is over. This is how it goes, the colour and shape may be adjusted as per your needs during the touch up procedure, which is a complimentary follow up visit taking place in a month or two. Read more about permanent makeup follow-up treatment and learn why it is required.

To add to this, it's always better to opt for natural-looking permanent lip makeup, i.e. lighter colours and thinner lines. Once the recovery process is over and you have had a few weeks to live with your new looks, you'll come to your practitioner for a follow-up procedure, you will know better whether you want the tint to be brighter or the lip line to be more distinct.