Permanent Cosmetics and Laser Tattoo Removal

Is it possible to completely remove permanent makeup?

The effectiveness of the removal procedure depends on the professional skills and experience of the artist and in most cases, permanent makeup pigments can be totally removed. Bad lip or eyebrow procedures may be significantly improved, while bad eyeliner correction is more tricky.

As a rule, one treatment is not enough to remove permanent makeup without a trace. The number of procedures required and the overall effect will depend on your skin tone and type, your age, as well as pigment colour and depth. The equipment, which was used to apply the cosmetic tattoo is of no small importance here too.

There are basically two ways to remove low-quality or unwanted permanent makeup with no risk of hypertrophic or keloidal scarring:

1. Laser tattoo removal

Among all types of lasers available on the market today, Nd:YAG laser with Q-switched system is the most effective one commonly used for removing both professional and amateur permanent makeup. Thanks to Q-switching technique, the energy emitted by the laser pulse, is absorbed by tattoo pigment at different skin depth, thus fragmenting pigment particles layer-by-layerThe fragmented ink particles are then removed by normal body processes, which may take from 1 to 1.5 month depending on individual metabolic rate. 

2. Inorganic chemical remover

Being the least traumatic way allowing to remove any pigment colour and type, this is still a lengthy process, which may take from 2 months to half a year. Implanted into the area of treatment, the chemical substance actually get there the same way the ink has been previously intriduced into the skin. Then, the chemical remover starts to draw pigment particles, which are gradually disposed from the system with natural body processes over time.